Traces of Gold Found in Gir Cow Urine: Says Report

Believe it or not, the phrase “sone ki chidiya” (golden bird) is now ready to change into “sone ki gomutra” or the golden cow urine following the latest study. Yes, the latest study conducted by scientists at Gujarat’s Junagadh Agricultural University (JAU) has claimed that Gir cow urine has traces of gold.

Though, they are still unclear that why only the Gir cows belonging to the state of Gujarat are urinating gold, but are damn sure about the study. Dr BA Golakia (head of JAU’s bio technology department) with his team had claimed that 400 Gir cows were under the research for the last four years from different age groups including pregnant cows, calfs, aged cows and the milking ones. 

What Has Dr. Golakia Exactly Stated?

Dr Golakia also made it clear that the amount of gold presence varied in all of them (Gir cows’ urine) – from 3 milligram to 10 milligram per one litre of wasted substance. The study also included other creatures like goat, sheep and buffaloes but the traces of gold were found only in Gir cows’ urine.

Traces of Gold Found in Gir Cow Urine: Says Report
(Image Source: Reuters)

Golakia estimated that the gold worth Rs. 30 could be extracted from 1 litre Gir cow urine. However, it is only after laboratory experiment that the urinated gold could be solidified and turned into proper gold. Medically speaking, cow urine also has other important substances which have several medical uses, including anti diabetic properties and curing brain ailments as well.

Traces of Gold Found in Gir Cow Urine: Says Report
Image Source: (omashram)

In ancient Ayurveda, the gomutra was used for manifold purposes for its rich medicinal properties. It could even successfully treat cancer as well. Though its actual efficacy is still yet to be proved.

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