An Open Letter to Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar

Dear Akshay Kumar,

Bollywood has so many big stars and superstars. But I don’t have any qualm in accepting the fact there is no one like you. Wishing you very best of luck for Housefull 3which released today. You are omnipresent – an actor par excellence. You can do action, comedy, romantic and tragic scenes with equal ease. You made us cry in Airlift but you also made us laugh a lot in the film “Singh is Bling”. Such is your charisma.

Akshay Kumar epitomizes the sublime level of versatile acting abilities on a consistent basis. The level of your hard work, dedication and sincerity in every film is simply awesome.  Bollywood produces so many movies every year but every time I watch your films I get complete satisfaction and value for money. I’m one of your hugest fans for your reel and real life acts.

An Open Letter to Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar


I knew it before that My Akshay Kumar is a humble and wonderful human being. One day, I came across your philanthropic works and it instantly filled my mind and heart with a proud feeling of being your ardent fan.

An Open Letter to Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar
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I really salute you for your silent donation of Rs. 90 lakhs to parched Maharashtra for the welfare of farmers’ families. While other celebs constantly flaunt and speak about their charitable activities, you keep it mum. This is truly motivating, if we do something for the betterment of people then why should it become advertisement? I thoroughly agreed with your statement that altruistic activities should not be a topic of discussion in public. Let every one of us contribute a bit as much as we can for the needy people.

An Open Letter to Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar
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Your donation of Rs. 1-crore towards the recent Chennai flood rehabilitation work is really admirable. I also like to thank you on behalf of million girls for opening martial arts classes for them for their self defense and safety. You are the only Bollywood star who openly came in support of women’s empowerment while translating the same into a reality.

I’m a big fan of your time management skills also. You replied on twitter last year that how you successfully do so many films in a year while other big stars do hardly 1 or 2 films. Your tweet was indeed inspirational and since then I also started taking my time management seriously.

You have now emerged as real life hero and icon for all of us. Hats off to You Akshay Kumar ! We love you. Best Wishes for Housefull 3 also.

Thank You

Sincerely Your’s

An Akkian

(A Bollywood Fan)


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