Noise Pollution – Should We Worry?

Being a noisy city is a curse in itself, as noise pollution causes severe diseases like depression, migraine, aggression, hearing loss, sleep disturbance and tinnitus. A noise polluted city not just affects humans severely, but on the other hand it caused loss to the wildlife and pet animals too.

Noise Pollution - Should We Worry?
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Delhi despite being one of the most polluted city is not most noisiest. It is the green cover besides the capital’s roads that help reduce the noise pollution. In fact, the noisiest city of the country is Mumbai.

Noise Pollution can be controlled by creation of vegetarian buffer stock, roadside plantations, strict enforcement of noise level standards for fire crackers, loudspeakers etc.

Noise Pollution - Should We Worry?
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People have now started to understand the importance of controlling noise pollution but the majority still continues to add to the problem. People are still violating the rules and increasing the noise levels by using loudspeakers in local gathering & religious functions, using crackers and using too much horn during traffic.

Due to the less awareness most of the people are still unaware that such kind of pollution even exists, and so they carelessly use noisy methods.

The Government, the CPCB and several NGO’s are working together towards the betterment of the society and controlling the noise pollution in the country by spreading awareness and the monitoring process. But people too have to come forward and contribute their every bit to reduce any kind of pollution.

Noise Pollution - Should We Worry?
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Top 10 Noisiest Cities in The World, And 3 Are Indian Cities!!

10. Karachi, Pakistan

9. Shanghai, China

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

7. New York City, United States

6. Madrid, Spain

5. Tokyo, Japan

4. Delhi, India

3. Cairo, Egypt

2. Kolkata, India

1. Mumbai, India

This is definitely not a thing to feel proud. As Indian citizen, we have to understand our duties and responsibilities too. Everything can’t be left on government. Let’s act together to improve life of every Indian!!

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