This Man Stalked A Girl From Delhi to Texas for A Decade

We live in a world of sensuality. Where what meets the eye must be possessed. Self gratification is dangerous and can cause trouble if gone unchecked. Something similar happened to the Delhi based Jitendra Singh,32, who in his obsession to get a girl he met in college, did bizarre things that has now costed him 19 years in Jail in McKinney, USA- a nation not even his own.

This Man Stalked A Girl From Delhi to Texas for A Decade
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Jitendra Singh, who was staying in Los Angeles, and the girl (name protected in order to maintain privacy), studied together in a college in Delhi where he proposed to her in 2006. Her denial was followed with a series of threats and harassment from him. She left India in 2007 in order to pursue higher education in New York but Jitendra did not relent. According to sources, Jitendra threatened the girl’s family in India but he escaped by fooling the authorities in India appealing to them to stop harassing her. He then followed her to New York, being denied admission at the university did not make him give up. He continued stalking, from her internship at California to Plano in Texas where she was hired by an  IT company.

Jitendra continued harassing the girl for 3 years through phone calls and other means, the District Attorney, Greg Willis allegedly said.  Finally in 2014, he found her address by creating a false credit monitoring account in her name and with the help of a locksmith, bust open her apartment stealing her Passport, some jewelry and her social security card, which helps to track down individuals for social security purposes.

“The jury put an end to this victim’s decade-long stalking nightmare,” quoted by Willis, after he was arrested in Plano, at the girl’s parking area and was finally convicted. He was convicted on Thursday on charges of robbing a house and deceitfully using information. He has been instructed to pay a fine of $4000.

Defense attorney Joe Padian said, “While we respect the jury’s service, we were disappointed with the sentence, and we do intend to appeal,”.

“I will always find you”, were the words of Jitendra to the girl, but today he has been found and convicted for going against the law.

Today, as we fight for justice, security and safety of women we also lack understanding the complexities of men who commit such crimes as well as the seriousness behind a casual likeness.

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