I am a female, is that a fault

I am a female, is that a fault?

What is my fault?
Being born as a female,
Or being born amidst beasts?

What is my fault?
Having the power of creation, was my fault?
Or your inability to do so, my fault?

I am proud,
Proud that I can procreate.
I used to be proud,
Proud that I was the honor of the family.
Today I’m ashamed,
Ashamed that I’m a female…
Ashamed that I’m born amidst goons,
Respect for other has no meaning to those goons…
Ashamed that people ask me to remain silent,
When my body was mutilated,
When my psyche was butchered,
When I was rendered a living corpse.
I am ashamed
Because Someone asked me to stay silent,
Silent about my comatose state,
Silent in order to protect the honor of my family,
Silent because the act is already done…

But, why?
Why should I remain silent?

Is it my fault,
My fault that, that the citizens could not be protected?
My fault that, that animals in garb of human, roam free?
Is it my fault that I was raped?
Is it my fault that I was born as a female?
Is it my fault?
Is it your fault, that because of you,
You-the society
Even today people see me as a commodity?
Even today people see my body as a site of conquest?
Even today people see me as a belonging?
Even today I am expected to remain silent,
Even when I’m abused and that shameless being is just a blot on humanity…
Yet the irony is, I’m a blot now for all…
Yet the irony is, I’m at fault,
Because I provoked him,
Because I was not dressed modestly,
I never knew even at the age of 60, I could look so ‘inviting’ to him…
Yet I am at fault…


Posted by Deepali Jain

A student of Literature in English. Being one with the work is my way of living. Pen is my armor.

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