A Tale of Clueless Bihar Board Class-XII Toppers

You have not heard it before anywhere in the world. State toppers don’t have any basic knowledge about the subject they claimed to have passed with flying marks. But such a case has been reported in Bihar where Class-XII toppers don’t have simple knowledge concerning their subjects.

In the wake of such controversy regarding the Bihar toppers, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said the investigation is underway about the whole matter and is satisfied with the effort and stern action taken by the Bihar education department into the matter. Shocked Bihar Chief Minister said appropriate action would be taken once the investigation report comes out.  

A Tale of Clueless Bihar Board Class-XII Toppers
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Bihar Intermediate Toppers Fiasco

Recently media asked some basic questions to Bihar toppers from Arts and Science background and they seemed totally clueless about simple terminology and basic knowledge relating to their subjects.

Bihar’s Intermediate Arts topper mispronounced even the simple ‘Political Science’ claiming it ‘Prodigal Science’ and said that the subject is all about cooking. On the other hand, Bihar’s Class-XII science topper doesn’t even know the definition of proton and electron. Surprisingly, both students secured 444 and 485 marks respectively out of 500.

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What Happened at the Retest

Taking cognizance of the issue, the Bihar government immediately asked for retest of 13 state toppers in Intermediate Arts and Science stream on Friday before the subject expects. The latest updates reveal that out of 13 students, 11 have proved their merits while 2 students (toppers) failed at the same leading to cancellation of their original results by Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB).

Meanwhile, the Political science topper who failed to say what the subject is all about had abstained from taking the retest examination (especially conducted for 13 controversial toppers from Arts and Science stream) citing health reasons. The government hasn’t specified any time limit for the declaration of marks authentication retest as yet.

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