SC declares Triple Talaq unconstitutional, violates Article 14 & 21

Supreme Court declares Triple Talaq unconstitutional, violates Article 14 & 21
August 22, 2017

Supreme Court strikes down Triple Talaq under Muslim Law This summer, the honourable Supreme Court heard the case of the government against the practice of Triple Talaq or Talaq-e-Biddat, over 6 days. The verdict was reserved, and today at last it has been delivered. The five judge bench struck down the practice by a 3:2 verdict, declaring it unconstitutional. A quick look into what Triple Talaq is: One of the…


Have sex with us for Halala, say Maulvis to divorced Muslim women

August 17, 2017

Divorced Muslim women are being offered paid sex by Maulvis for Halala Nikah. Sounds absurd? Then read on. I was not surprised when I read stuff on a news site that said that some Maulvis in Uttar Pradesh are asking for money in return for Halala Nikah. This stupid but barbaric practice has been going on among Muslims for many years. Want to read this article? Read it here. But…


How the triple talaq issue promises to change national politics forever

April 21, 2017

The triple talaq issue has been dominating our national discourse for more than a year now. These days, we are seeing several Muslim women come on TV and express their opposition and resentment over this cruel practice. Let us understand this issue in brief before we go forward in this article. What is the Triple Talaq Issue? In simple terms, uttering the word, ‘talaq’ thrice by a husband means instant…


Narendra Modi Goverment Supports Demolishing of Triple Talaq, Halala

Narendra Modi Goverment Supports Demolishing of Triple Talaq, Halala
April 13, 2017

Central government lead by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a solid step in right direction. The recent developments shows that government is willing to provide equal opportunity to the women of Muslim community. The Indian Constitution has always enshrined the concept of freedom, in every sense possible. Freedom of employment, freedom of expression and even freedom of religion. We are a tolerant society and we give everyone the opportunity…


Baba Ramdev comes down hard on the Triple Talaq law

October 17, 2016

In an ongoing row throughout the nation to abolish the law of Triple Talaq, Baba Ramdev has cleared his stand against the controversial rule. In his interview given to the ANI, Baba Ramdev said that Muslim clerics should understand that this law is against women. In a brief series of questions, Baba Ramdev talked about the current Muslim personal laws of not promoting gender equality. Ramdev also appreciated the decision…