Children born amidst havoc: This Children’s Day we celebrate!

Children born amidst havoc: This Children's Day we celebrate!
November 14, 2016

A child’s innocence, that’s what we cherish the most. However, what happens when that innocence gets lost amidst the real world. With the approaching Children’s Day, Social Chumbak Team thought of coming up with an article that lays bare the crumbling innocence. As a child, I remember watching Tom and Jerry and fighting with my brother over remote control. Even sneaking out to play outdoors was fun. But today, when…


I am a female, is that a fault

February 24, 2016

I am a female, is that a fault? What is my fault? Being born as a female, Or being born amidst beasts? What is my fault? Having the power of creation, was my fault? Or your inability to do so, my fault? I am proud, Proud that I can procreate. I used to be proud, Proud that I was the honor of the family. But… Today I’m ashamed, Ashamed that…