‘No Abortion for the Down Syndrome Fetus’ says the Apex Court

'No Abortion for the Down Syndrome Fetus' says the Apex Court
March 6, 2017

As Indians, we have traditionally been a nation that believes in the gift of children. So when a child comes to a family, it’s time to celebrate. Bring out your best clothes and your fanciest decorations. Grand celebrations and elaborate planning begins even before the birth. So requests for abortion are rarely taken nicely. The law, in India, prohibits abortion in case the pregnancy has crosses 20 weeks, irrespective of…


Anti Abortion Law – An Abortion of Fetus or Abortion of One’s Right Over Own Body?

Anti Abortion Law - An Abortion of Fetus or Abortion of One's Right Over Own Body?
October 6, 2016

Treating a woman’s body like a vessel of the childbirth, that’s how recent conservative Poland government absolute restriction over abortion bill can be summed up as. In other words, the lady must give birth even if her life is at stake. She must bear the pain of childbirth after facing the brutality of rape. The issue sparked an uproar among the female masses of Poland and later spread across the…