Is It Most Boring ICC T20 World Cup Ever?

As far as the ICC T20 World Cup 2016 is considered, event is somewhere failing to grab the attention of the spectators. Though, it’s still the early phase of the coveted championship and there is no doubt that T20 World Cup euphoria will transcend all over once the biennially World T20 Championship reaches the knock-out stage.

ICC World T20 Cup 2016
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The tournament began on 8th March, but everyone including the fans is oblivious about it. There is still a big question mark that why so many teams are there in the tournament playing qualifying matches without any hype or media coverage?

Each team deserves to play World Cup on fulfilling ICC rules, but organizers could have also stipulated some hi-fi interesting battles at the start of the tournament to welcome more crowd and spectators to the stadium.

Reason, Why ICC T20 World Cup 2016 is Boring so far

1. No Inauguration Ceremony for T20 World Cup

This year, there was no organizing ceremony for this highly prestigious tournament. Can it be even imagined that such a world cricket event was started without any official inauguration ceremony?

Some reports are indicating that the possibility of T20 world cup (starting) ceremony is still on, but the question arises that why should it be organized now when the tournament has already started three days back?

If qualifying matches are just formality, then it would have been more appropriate to organize a separate cricket event for them like “World T20 Qualifier” under the aegis of ICC at venues other than the one where actual world cup event to be held.

2. Unknown Cricketing Nations

There are many unknown nations who are playing in T20 this time. Resulting in empty stadiums and almost no media coverage and hype. This looks like a nightmare in a country mad for cricket. These teams are Hong Kong, Scotland, Ireland, Afghanistan, Netherlands and Oman.

3. Media too Ignoring World Cup Qualifying Matches

Media is also TRP savvy. They know empty stadium are not going to provide them any viewership. This might be the reason, media is not making the hype for which they are highly regarded by fans prior to any important sporting events be it Olympics, FIFA World Cup or the Cricket World Cup. But this time they are showing complete apathy towards the Qualifying matches.

It’s really unfair that media associate cricket to big teams only without realizing the painstaking efforts of other nations to popularize the game in their vicinity. News Channels hardly show any interest to give some coverage to such qualifying matches on their channels. They also don’t show any positive news on how the some nations promote the gentlemen’s game from scratch in their backyards! Maybe such positive and hopeful news won’t fetch any TRPs.

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