Why Becoming Harsha Bhogle is Everyone’s Dream?

He Came, He Saw and He Conquered

Harsha Bhogle began his career as a 19-year-old commentator with All India Radio (AIR). For someone who aced chemical engineering and later on, went on to excel PGDM from the prestigious IIM-A also, the sky was already the limit for him.

But rather than joining a corporate house with a thick salary package, Harsha Bhogle chose India’s bejeweled English Commentary Box.

He dared to make his entry into cricket media where management professionals usually don’t enter into considering the enormous challenges that come with the job. But Harsha Bhogle was trendsetter. He set a perfect example of how to fulfill one’s own ambition without letting his academic qualification coming between it.

‘An Odd Man Out’ or ‘A Cut above the Rest’?

Why Becoming Harsha Bhogle is Everyone’s Dream?
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It was the sheer determination of the young Harsha Bhogle that he single handedly broke the monopoly of cricketers-only commentators.

When Bhogle started his career he had to face immense competitions from ace cricketers-turned-commentators such as Geoff Boycott, Sanjay Manjrekar, Ravi Shastri and Sunil Gavaskar amongst others. But within a few years, Harsha Bhogle mastered the art of cricket commentary and developed his own style of analyzing cricket with astute precision.

Harsha Bhogle remained the voice of Indian cricket over the last two decades. He has also penned several columns for various publications. His articles have regularly featured in The Indian Express and Sportstars. The 55-year-old has also presented the travel documentary program TRAVEL INDIA WITH HARSHA BHOGLE on the Discovery channel and TLC a few years back. It can be emphatically said that Harsha Bhogle is a cut above the rest when it comes to finest English Cricket Commentary across the globe.

What Happens in IPL 2016 that Cost Harsha Bhogle His Job?

Why Becoming Harsha Bhogle is Everyone’s Dream?
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Amidst brewing controversy of Harsha Bhogle’s commentary style last month, the BCCI terminated his IPL commentary contract earlier this month for reasons best known to them.

Honestly speaking, Harsha Bhogle has his own style of analyzing the game in a rational, meticulous and judicious manner. That’s the reason why sports channels always loved hiring him as their cricket expert.

For aspiring commentators, Harsha Bhogle is certainly a role model. He made the commentary box his own even though it’s largely dominated by former cricketers.

Nevertheless, Bhogle had never allowed himself to be overshadowed by them.

Bhogle can be perfectly compared with a “Sunflower that blooms better with scorching sunlight all around”.

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