Why Experiencing Grief Is Important In Relationship

Life can never be a bed of roses! There comes a time in everyone’s life when it seems it just can’t be enough. But hey, you are not alone! Every person you see and meet, actually have had experienced or is experiencing some sort of grief, something that you just don’t know about. Any kind of grief can make you feel barely functional. You can curl yourself up in a couch, staying disconnected with almost the entire world or can even make you question your own existence. Coming in almost all forms like the death of close ones, loss of job or marriage, grief is not just a harsh truth of life. It’s in fact, an essential trait that makes life more meaningful and more importantly more valuable.

Check out some of the most important reasons that make experiencing grief and pain important for you.

Because it helps you become stronger

You can only understand the importance of happiness when you don’t have it. Similarly, you can only understand the significance of yourself when you pass through a rough stage in your life. Only when you experience any kind of emotional or physical turmoil that has a massive impact in your life, you realize your own worth, your own strength. And again, it is this experience that can boost you further to pull yourself together for a better future ahead. Because hey, you are still breathing and there’s so much to do in life. Grief helps you polishing yourself. Remember the fate of a diamond, the more you cut it, the more it shines. Bad times in our lives exactly does the same. Give yourself a love punch!

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Because it helps you to avoid the inconsiderate things

Now when you know yourself and know what actually makes you happy from within, you tend to become less worrier. The pre-grief stage often involves you to make an effort to make everyone happy, which is actually impossible. As for example, when you lose someone in your life, you realize how every little thing that you did for someone was totally futile. Similarly, it makes you understand that holding more into real relationships, into real people who make you a better and a happier person is what truly your life is all about. Grief is definitely a god-gift that helps you sweat lesser for unnecessary and inconsiderate things.

6 Reasons That Show The Importance of Experiencing Grief
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Because it helps you understand your priorities

Good times reveal who can be your friends. Bad times reveal who ARE your real friends. Once you pass through a rough stage, you not only understand who really love you but also understand who you need to include in your priority list. In fact, it’s not just about people. You may also realize how important it is to prioritize your dreams and your passions. Basically, experiencing grief helps you understand what REALLY matters to you. 

6 Reasons That Show The Importance of Experiencing Grief
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Because it helps you love more

The significance of grief makes you realize who are really important to you. It makes you understand the importance of your own feelings and pain and how each of them is priceless. It’s a natural fact that you can never experience grief without the slightest presence of love. You lose your parents, you now know how they were right every single time. You lost your friendship, you now know the significance of real friends. And once you do realize these, you tend to love more or rather love completely. Not only you can now think of newer ways to make the special ones in your life happy but also ensure that they are actually happier than you. Loving others completely is simply a testament that shows you now know the core meaning of love.

6 Reasons That Show The Importance of Experiencing Grief
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Because it helps you to create more memories

Every other person who has had passed bad times can easily recollect countless memories. And it is due to this that helps you understanding the importance of creating memories. Clicking pictures with your loved ones, writing important events in a diary, spending some quality time with your friends, there are so many things that you think about to create more memories; memories that can help you liven up when you are all down and that can help you to relive those times again.

6 Reasons That Show The Importance of Experiencing Grief
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Because it helps you understanding the significance of good health

It’s so easy to assume that we are all pretty perfect and are healthy enough to overcome any health disaster. Watching someone close slowly pass away, due to certain health defects, makes you realize how important is your health for others, especially for those who love you a lot, really a lot. The need to prioritize your health becomes important and makes you change a lot with respect to your attention towards your body.

6 Reasons That Show The Importance of Experiencing Grief
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Stay strong. Life holds more for you!

The process of wading through grief is definitely tough but is also quite a lot beneficial. From helping to see life from a whole new perspective to making an effort to make yourself a better person, grief helps you in so many ways. If you too are passing through such a stage, don’t worry, stay strong. Life holds more for you!

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”- Victor Hugo.

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