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We have many Indian Bollywood celebrities whose movies are earning in hundreds of crores. But the first one to help was Nana Patekar. The veteran classic actor who has acted in films like Prahaar, Krantiveer was the first one to extend his helping hand for drought hit farmers of Maharashtra.


Through his Naam Foundation, Nana Patekar has announced to give INR 15000 for each suffering farmer family from Vidarbha reason.

A account was also opened with SBI so that interested people can deposit money for helping the needy farmers. The details of bank account are –

Current Account Number: 35226127148

IFSC Code No: SBIN 0006319

Swift Code No: SBININBB238


While most of the celebrities kept quiet on this issue, our own Khiladi has come forward. Akshay Kumar too extended his hand to help the plight of poor farmers.


He has announced to donate INR 90 Lakhs to drought hit farmers of Maharashtra. 


Due to poor monsoon this year, almost 90 lakh farmers life is badly affected. They are under heavy debt, and have no money for fulfilling basic needs of their families.

Like our celebrities, we hope that every citizen of India will come forward to help food suppliers of our country. So that people who are cultivating food for us are not dying hungry.

We at @SocialChumbak are hoping that people will come closer for this beautiful cause.


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