Metro Dailies of a Commuter

Same routine,
Climbing the public transport to commute,
With headphones on,
A book in hand….

Two hour journey ended with a sigh.
Leaving me with almost twenty more minutes of tussle.
Climbing down the stairs,
Same voice of those underprivileged people came,
Sitting on both sides of exit….

Few turned their faces around,
Few turned a deaf ear,
Few just shared glances of pity among themselves,
While others were regular to this view,
Me being a part of this group only….

But there were few who gave them some pennies.
May be they were sympathetic.
Or maybe the larger group of us,
Was aware of their hoax.
Might be we were just inconsiderate….

However, today was different.
A guy shared his money with an aged uncle.
Don’t know how much,
May be it was regular view to me.
But something sparked my curiosity,
That aged uncle blessed the guy with innumerable blessings,
And he merely stood on receiving side.
And suddenly the guy disappeared in bunch of people….

I thought it was all.
But something more was in store.
Earlier, I assumed it to be special day for him,
Or maybe he was new to this sight,
Or maybe he was way too sympathetic.
But all of them proved to be wrong,
Because he is a daily commuter….

It was not his birthday, but friend’s.
If this was not enough,
Then I saw his group talking randomly.
Above all of bunking the lectures.
Weird, this guy who was receiving blessing with such sincerity,
Was now the body and soul of his friends….

An unusual sight stopped me in tracks,
Made me just grasp that moment.
Suddenly the honk broke my reverie,
And here I come, my monotonous day….


Posted by Deepali Jain

A student of Literature in English. Being one with the work is my way of living. Pen is my armor.


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