Adhyayan Suman’s Top 4 Revelations about Kangna Ranaut

Over the last few weeks, the gossip on legal battle between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan is doing the rounds. Though, both actors have tried to maintain silence on this issue, but Adhyayan Suman, the lead actor of Raaz 2, has jumped into fray leveling serious charges against Kangana Ranuat.

A few years back, both Kangana and Adhyayan were rumored to have been dating each other. But Ranaut’s ex-boyfriend Adhyayan Suman has now disclosed some startling revelations about the ‘Queen’ actress which shook the entire Bollywood industry and fans as well. While interviewing for a leading daily Adhyayan Suman stated these shocking facts!

Adhyayan Suman’s Top 4 Revelations about Kangna Ranaut
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1) At Superstar Hrithik Roshan’s birthday bash a few years back,  Ranaut abused and slapped Adhyayan Suman apparently for no reasons at all!

2) When Adhyayan Suman was gifted a brand new BMW by his father and veteran actor Shekhar Suman,  Ranaut taunted the ‘Raaz 2’ lead male actor saying “What special have you done in Bollywood that you deserve one-crore car? Interestingly, This was the time when  Ranaut won National Award for Fashion yet she was not getting good offers and was virtually out of work.

3) After the release of Raaz 2, Bhatt saab appreciated Adhyayan Suman’s acting skills despite being a new comer at that time, but when  Ranaut came to know about it she was very upset that why nobody congratulated her for the success of the film.

4) At a Filmfare Awards Ceremony a few years back,  asked Adhyayan to shave his hair off even though Adhyayan felt it was alright and okay. But he eventually gave-in to Kangana’s wish.

Well, these were some of the serious allegations that the actor Adhayayan Suman has leveled against the actress. Neither the “Woh Lamhe” actress nor her legal team has responded anything on this issue as yet so far.

(Disclaimer: This article is based on various media reports that publish Adhyayan Suman’s version on  Kangana Ranaut. We neither approve nor disapprove the veracity of this claim. The article just reflects what’s trending on this issue these days)

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