Top 8 Romantic One Liners Replacing I Love You

Love is life, love is bliss and it’s everything if you have found true love in your life. But many people stay silent despite finding his or her true mate. They simply don’t know how to propose their sweetheart using better romantic words than the routine ‘I Love You’.

The three-word sentence often seems fake, cliché and quite irritating too. It also fails to explain why someone means so much to somebody. Here are some interesting twists and turns of words that reflect your true affection towards your sweetheart.

These 8 Romantic one-liners are not just a combination of English words but a glimpse to a lover’s heartiest feelings for someone special.

I’m Incomplete Without You

How To Say I Love You Using Different Words
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It sounds little passionate and long yet these four words present gateway to the feelings of your heart straightaway. True, a couple can be compared with a flower and petals. Both are incomplete without each other.

I See You With My Heart

Top 8 Romantic One Liners Replacing I Love You
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No words could be more affectionate than this. It clearly expresses your feeling towards your loved one. It evokes a lovely feeling that “love begins with hearts” in a flash of a second. If you two feel the same for each other, then you are definitely in Love.

Will You Be Mine

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(Image Source: healthythoughts. in)

It clearly reflects that special and responsible feeling for somebody. It means you not simply love him or her, but are also absolutely expressive about your feelings. Obviously, these words perfectly suit in matured love when you are ready to tie the nuptial knot.

24×7 I Think of You

It’s not a simple mathematics. It’s much more than that. If he or she thinks about you 24-hour a day, then it’s a factual love. Go and say it to your beloved one with shy eyes and a childlike smile on your face. And be ready to get a big hug from your partner.

I Need You

Top 8 Romantic One Liners Replacing I Love You
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These words hold more relevance than I Love You. It means that he or she has now become the basic need of your life. It’s the biggest complement you can ever gift to somebody. Being somebody’s love is great but when you become your partner’s need then it’s the best feeling any lover can ever experience.

You May Get The Best

Though it looks astute for one-sided love but it can do magic if you say it to somebody whom you love. This reveals your generous heart and feelings. Eventually, you might not be knowing who is falling in love with your kind words and mellifluous heart.

I’m Committed To You

Top 8 Romantic One Liners Replacing I Love You
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Many relate love to partying, dancing and one-night stand. Some say it’s a bookish thing but when a “butterfly of love” embraces you in real then you can’t run away. Love transcends regions, boundaries and class hindrances that humans created. All that matters in love is commitment, if you are not committed – it’s definitely not a true Love.

I wish to Die in Your Lap

Top 8 Romantic One Liners Replacing I Love You
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Nothing can be more sentimental and touching than these melancholic words. A lover displays his relentless love saying that he welcomes death in her lap! If ever someone says it, you can instantly find a true zeal of love inside his or her eyes!

Ultimately, love doesn’t mean possession but to appreciate somebody whom you adore so heartily. It’s a selfless romantic feeling that connects two hearts invisibly to each other with a string of never ending admiration and respects for each other.

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