One India, One IPL; EK India Happy Wala

The Indian Premiere League (IPL) has established the fact that when it comes to entertainment – the IPL rules the roost. The tournament was initiated in the year 2008, but ever since the IPL has continued to win several hearts across India and globe. But, what remains oblivious to the eyes of the people is the reality that IPL brings in immense pleasure, happiness and sense of satisfaction – its full paisa vasool. In a way we can say that Ek India Happy Wala.

IPL means enjoying the match with your family and aged relatives. What else you need in this world when you relish those nail-biting IPL matches with all of you sitting in a single room enjoying quality time with each other?

And the IPL promos as well as series of Advertisement campaigns and TVCs, “Ek India Happy Wala”, exactly tried to spread bonhomie and love all around. Admakers have creatively imbibed a sense of happiness and contentment to the people at large.

It’s worth mentioning here that in the latest World Gross Happiness Index 2016 India stands at paltry 118th position out of 157 countries surveyed so far. Even countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Pakistan have better happiness rankings than India. It demands for a greater debate to analyze that what makes Indians so unhappy? However, IPL is doing its bit for the larger cause by making us happy with those exhilarating shots and nail-biting moments.

Amids all problems that we face in our daily lives and especially in India, this ad campaign is sheer blissful and something that directly brings solace inside our hearts.

Top 4 Lessons that IPL’s Ek India Happy wala Campaigns Teach Us

1) Happiness is a choice not a condition.

2) IPL creates a borderless world where cricketers across the world participate and play unitedly for their respective teams

3) Elderly and aged people deserve our respects too. We can enjoy watching IPL matches with them.

4) The waiving of tri-color flags by people across IPL venues reaffirms that unity in diversity is our biggest strength.

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