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  • Every fourth second, a person in the world dies of hunger and hunger related diseases, states a website.
  • While over 20 crore Indians sleep hungry each day.
  • 10 million people die every year of chronic hunger and related diseases, says another portal.
Minu Pauline - The New Age Annapoorna
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The figures might seem an exaggeration to you, but they are true.

Have you ever thought that each grain of food that you waste at your homes, in the restaurants, in the weddings could be scavenged by some hungry soul? You just dumped. You felt ashamed to doggy bag your left food at hotels. Yet pitied the condition of poor and cursed the state for not doing anything. However, you forgot that each drop contributes to the ocean.

But there are some good Samaritans left in the world, who lived their lives not just measuring length and breadth but its depth as well.

One such person is Minu Pauline, a 28- year old restaurateur former banker, who saw “the homeless and the hungry, especially the aged, rummage through garbage scouring for food… to quell their hunger”; she took a volunteering step to extend her helping hand for hungry and homeless people in form of a refrigerator, Nanma Marma (the Tree of goodness).

Minu Pauline - The New Age Annapoorna
Image Source : The Hindu

She had installed the public 24-hour refrigerator wherein people can put up the food, including her customers for the needy people, but putting a tag on it mentioning the date in order to maintain the quality. She tries that her restaurant in Kochi, Pappadavada puts up 50 packets of food daily in that 420 litre fridge.

Minu says that “the sole purpose of this initiative is to give this food that is in excess for some, to those who are less fortunate to buy it.” This campaign is not about raising funds for charity but sharing what one already has with other folks, opines this philanthropist. However, on asking if she’s sure that the food will reach to hungry needy stomachs only, then she said that she instills her “faith in the goodness of the folks”.

However, the article, hereby is not only championing for an empathetic and thoughtful initiative taken by Ms Minu in Kochi to which one must contribute, but also asking each reader to contribute in whatsoever manner for the betterment of people, society, nature and for yourself.

Like recently in Delhi Kendriya Vidhalayas asked its students to donate their used books to their juniors. The initiative is done in order to save the amount of paper and money wasted on these new books. Every year 31% of trees fall prey to deforestation due to man’s needs for paper. Shocking is in it?

Yes we are chopping our oxygen sources to this extent. Such initiatives must be taken up by each educational institution in order to let their penny contribution be accounted in nature.

Minu Pauline - The New Age Annapoorna
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Mahatma Gandhi has aptly said, “the Earth has enough resources for our need, but not greed.” So why can’t we fix those leaky faucets of ours? Or give leftover food or extra food to someone who’s needy?

Why can’t we help ourselves with the amount of servings that we can have at a go? Why don’t we start walking or cycling for a short distances or turn off ignition when not in use? Just a small food for thought, but something of some significance, At times, it feels good to do something for others, rather than just satiating own wants.

Watch Minu Pauline Fridge Video Here

Fridge Outside Restaurant Turns Leftovers Into Free Meals For …This restaurant owner keeps a fridge full of food outside her shop to provide free meals for the homeless

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