Not Everything Correct In Adarsh Society Scam Order

Adarsh Housing Society is a public property of 31 storeys building in Colaba, South Mumbai which was built in order to accommodate war stricken widows and veterans.

It is a public property and was not allowed to be given to anyone except Kargil war veterans. It is believed that some of the flats were owned by bureaucrats and relatives of the Maharashtrian Chief Minister Ashok Chavan.


  • Built on illegal terms
  • Faulty location
  • Originally built for widows from Kargil wars later, partially occupied by family members of ministers
  • Sold at lower than market price
  • High rise complex against approval

A court order was given for investigating the involvement of politicians, army officers and ministers in building the society which was originally approved for a 6 storey building at first.

Even though there were sparks in the year 2003 on the case it escaped media attention. However a new lead in 2010 which revealed the illegal occupation of flats by Ashok Chavan’s relatives resulted in his resignation from the CM’s post.

According to the inquiry report “The Adarsh Housing Society had never applied to the Ministry of Environment and Forests for Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) clearance through the Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority”.

The Union Ministry of Environment and Forest gave orders to demolish the building however the demolition order was objected at the High Court.

According to sources, at present the demolition is on hold for 12 weeks as the Society is allowed to appeal to Supreme Court. Meanwhile, an investigation has been ordered against the politicians and officials involved in the scam by high court Justices R.V. More and R.G. Ketkar.

The concern is about those innocent people who have invested into this Residential society without any knowledge about the scam and is now at stake with the high court orders. How will the losses be borne? Who will finance the demolition costs?

With so many loopholes, will the building stand tall or does it only show the height of poverty in our leaders today.



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