Extramarital Affair of My Wife Doesn’t Affect Me!

Extramarital Affair of My Husband Doesn’t Affect Me!
November 21, 2016

On a chilly wintry morning, Joseph decided it’s all over between him and his wife Janet. “Everything was going well between me and her. But Janet’s extramarital affair with her office manager David was irksome”, said Joseph. I was listening to everything that Joseph told me in a free-wheeling chat at a New York restaurant. No, I don’t know him personally. It was just a random conversation between us that began almost…


Bollywood Diva Rekha’s Biography Has Opened Another Box Of Pandora

Bollywood Diva Rekha's Biography Has Opened Another Box Of Pandora
September 6, 2016

If there’s one thing that sits true for everybody everywhere, it is the fact that gossip makes the rounds everywhere. Be it Lunch dates or cigarette breaks in the mid office hours, everybody is scooping for gossip; what happened to the next door neighbor’s daughter, who’s having an affair with whom, the distant cousin who eloped with a girl, or even something as tiny as somebody’s new haircut. Celebrities, be…