The Pleasure Project: Earn By Filming Your Safe Sex

“Because sex education is rarely sexy, and erotica is rarely safe.”– The Pleasure Project

The Pleasure Project
Courtesy: The Pleasure Project

The Pleasure Project health organization has come up with yet another innovative idea in order to promote safer sex among the people. This time, it is focusing on the students of the age between 18-25 years.

The Pleasure Project is offering to pay £200 to young couples to film themselves having safe sex, promoting condoms. This is being done to spread the message that protected sex can be enjoying too. They are looking for three couples and the location would be any natural one like a student’s bedroom. For those of you worrying that it might go viral everywhere over the internet, then it must be told that the shot video will be available to a particular test group only.

The Project is already known to bring sex education to people in a totally different way. Their ultimate goal being “emphasis on ‘sex’ and not on ‘education.” The organization has been working since years in order to, as they say, ‘eroticise safer sex’.

The Pleasure Project
Courtesy: The Pleasure Project

Since being set up in the year 2004, The Project has been working with various NGOs in order to become an international voice to eroticize safer sex. This initiative already catching the attention of the social media and may continue to do so in the coming days.

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