Rekindle the flames of dying relationship

With passing time, every relationship simply simmers down. We start to long for that lost passion. Things start crumbling in front of us. But what exactly happened to such a lovely relationship that’s what intrigues us most. What did exactly go wrong?

Prima facie, understand that initially, the flames rise higher and higher, and brighter and the best. Everything seems heavenly. It still has not faced the wind. That’s just a honeymoon phase. Let the safe haven of heaven meet the real life. Thus, stop measuring the life with same teaspoon.

rekindle the relationship
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Now is the time to spice up the life. Don’t let such a beautiful relationship go in drain. However, just don’t try to hang onto the dead relationship as well. You are mature enough to draw the line between the two.

So, here’s how to rekindle the flames. (Nah, I am not here to paraphrase Kamasutra.)

  • Try stealing time from mundane routine. You two must have grown so habitual of each other that now your body and mind functions in a particular routine, but it’s time to take a break from it. The routine has not only made you lethargic but also juiced the soul out of your bond. So it’s time to start taking some time out and make the person feel special.
rekindle the relationship
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    • I know it has been quite a long time and we think that we know each other in and out, but you know what, there are still some dark spots. So how about you two start exploring each other all over again. To be honest, it is all about taking some time out for each other. Stop hiding behind those screens, files, books or whatever keeps you occupied.


rekindle the relationship
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I might suggest you to engage yourself in some activities, but everything will be futile till you are convinced enough to let the fire of passion rise higher.

The person might be of immense value to you, you might know that deep down but you need to value the person.

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