Women, your reasons for criminalizing marital rape are plain dumb

marital rape
September 5, 2017

These days the Delhi High Court is hearing a petition for criminalizing marital rape. If it sounds Greek to you then let me explain it in simple terms for you. This means that if you are a married man, your wife can accuse you of having forcible sex with her and ask for your punishment. On the face of it, this petition sounds logical- no woman would want her body…


Kerala love jihad case is all about making Kerala a “terror “factory

Kerala love jihad
August 17, 2017

I first learned about the Kerala love jihad case a few months back when a girl accused her parents of keeping her away from her ‘husband’. This girl lived in the Malappuram area of Kerala. This case is important from the point of view of national security and the demographic balance in Kerala, also known as God’s Own Country. One of the newspapers that carried this story is Indian Express….


Have sex with us for Halala, say Maulvis to divorced Muslim women

August 17, 2017

Divorced Muslim women are being offered paid sex by Maulvis for Halala Nikah. Sounds absurd? Then read on. I was not surprised when I read stuff on a news site that said that some Maulvis in Uttar Pradesh are asking for money in return for Halala Nikah. This stupid but barbaric practice has been going on among Muslims for many years. Want to read this article? Read it here. But…


Taylor Swift says her ass was grabbed in a sneaky act by DJ

This photo clearly shows Taylor Swift trying to move away from Mueller.
August 12, 2017

‘My bare ass was groped by the DJ of a Denver radio station’, an assertive Taylor Swift testified in an American court. This incident happened in 2013 when she and David Mueller posed together for a photo op in Denver, Colorado. Fired! After Swift leveled the first allegations, Mueller was fired from his job by the radio station, KYOGO. In 2015, the fired jockey sued Taylor Swift for the financial…


Babri Masjid case, is it turning out to be a Shia Sunni conflict

Babri Masjid case, is it turning out to be a Shia Sunni conflict
August 11, 2017

A UP based Shia body has rubbished the claims of Sunnis over the ‘Babri Masjid’. It has claimed in Supreme Court of India that it was a Shia who demolished the Ram Temple to make a mosque. The name of this person is Mir Baqi and he was a general in Babar’s army. After demolition of this temple, Baqi made it into a mosque. Since Baqi was a Shia Muslim,…


Gujarat Rajya Sabha polls have important lessons for BJP and Congress

Narendra Modi
August 9, 2017

If there were an award for the most hotly contested election in 2017, then that would surely go to the just concluded Gujarat Rajya Sabha polls. Ahmed Patel has finally won his seat by a whisker of a margin. The BJP wanted him to lose this election badly and used all the tricks to get the desired result. Patel could win his seat only after the Election Commission disqualified the…


Madras High Court Vande Mataram verdict – it’s history and significance

Madras HC Vande Mataram case - history and significance of Vande Matram
July 27, 2017

The Vande Mataram verdict of Madras High Court has yet again created a storm in a tea-cup. While debating this issue, one of my young friends, who shall remain unnamed, said this will create jingoism. Oh really? In this article, we shall also understand this issue and also the history of our national song- Vande Mataram. What is the Vande Mataram case? Recently, the Madras High Court delivered a landmark…


The Lalu Nitish alliance is all about opportunities and shamelessness

Lalu Nitish alliance
July 16, 2017

When will the Lalu Nitish alliance break? This is the dominant question that is making the rounds in newspaper offices and TV debates. We at SocialChumbak feel that this unholy alliance will break before July end. Let us now go back a few years and understand the origin of this tie-up between the Janata Dal (United) and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) Shared Legacy Actually, Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar belong…


India Israel relations – past, present and future

July 6, 2017

India Israel relations have always been affected by the Muslim politics pursued by various Indian governments. Indeed, the ties between the two countries never ever achieved their true potential until Narendra Modi made his historic trip to Tel Aviv yesterday. India Israel relations – the past Do you know that India had actively helped in the liberation of Jerusalem in 1917? Even I was not aware of this fact until…


China India relations – what is cooking on the Bhutan Sikkim border

China India relations
July 2, 2017

People see China India relations largely through the lens of the 1962 war and  the current border issues. However, people should understand that both these countries are not enemies but strong business partners. This article will try to analyze the Bhutan-Sikkim border incidents from a larger perspective. The June intrusion In June 2017, some units of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army intruded into the Bhutanese territory and tried constructing a…


The Modi Trump meet is not going to achieve much in the short term

June 27, 2017

This Monday’s Modi Trump meet disappointed a lot of Indians who expected that this Modi visit, like the previous one,  would be a grand affair. Modi’s 2017 US  trip did not turn out as dramatic as in 2014 when he did a roadshow in Madison Garden, New York. That visit was also marked by the joint visit of Obama and Modi to the Martin Luther King Memorial. Indeed, the Modi…


Anil Kumble and Virat Kohli rift – what went wrong and who is right

Kumble and Kohli
June 21, 2017

Anil Kumble and Virat Kohli have delivered some exceptional performances in recent years. I thought that this partnership would continue for many years. But, I was disappointed when I read in the papers today that Kumble has resigned as coach of the cricket team. Did he ‘quit’ because the match was ‘rigged’? What is the real story? Anil Kumble and Virat Kohli- a partnership gone wrong Anil Kumble became the…


Ram Nath Kovind – From a Small Village in Kanpur to the Raisina Hills

June 20, 2017

Will Ram Nath Kovind be the Ambedkar of the modern times? Or, will he become a slayer of opposition unity? Ram Nath Kovind – The Man of the Moment For Mr. Kovind, the next President of India, it has been quite an uneventful journey from Kanpur Dehat to the Raisina Hills. Nobody knew about him until yesterday when the BJP President, Amit Shah announced his candidature for the presidential polls….


Shanghai Cooperation Organization : how does India gain

June 15, 2017

Last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Astana, Kazakhstan. This meeting was important for two reasons. One, India decided to join the China led SCO and secondly, there was an informal meeting between Modi and Nawaz Sharif. What is Shanghai Cooperation Organization? Also known as SCO, this is a political, economic and security organization comprising Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, India, and Pakistan….


Opposition unity for Presidential Election;will it bear any fruit?

June 14, 2017

Every day, we see some new moves towards opposition unity. This time opposition is getting united for Presidential Election. Will these moves bear fruit? Empirical evidence says “NO”. The personality of Narendra Modi is strong enough to dwarf all the moves that aim to bring all the non-BJP parties together. Opposition unity and Presidential election This year, opposition unity moves have become even more interesting because we are going to…


MP farmers’ agitation: why PM Narendra Modi should be worried!

MP farmers' agitation
June 12, 2017

The MP farmers’ agitation has unfortunately turned violent. A few people have lost their lives in firings and our heart grieves for their families. These killings should not have happened at all, particularly when the monsoons are just round the corner. We need more helping hands to grow more. If not controlled, this MP farmers’ agitation might haunt Modi in the 2019 polls.  MP farmers’ agitation – the real cause?…


Paris Climate Treaty and America’s bullheadedness-know the details

June 4, 2017

What is Paris Climate Treaty? The Paris Climate Treaty has been much in news lately, thanks to Donald Trump. But before we move on to him, let us understand this treaty. Plainly speaking, the Paris Climate Treaty is an agreement among nations of the UN to control their greenhouse emissions. The operative word is “voluntary”. There will be no compulsion on any country to abide by this treaty which comes…


Will OBOR push the rest of Asia into China’s tight embrace?

May 18, 2017

OBOR is a red rag to Indian foreign policy planners. What is OBOR and how will it affect China-India ties? Is this treaty designed by the Chinese to push their products into the outside market? Or, is OBOR an instrument of colonialism? What is OBOR? These four letters will probably redefine Asia’s destiny. They stand for One Belt One Road. While this abbreviation sounds very straight and simple, there are…


Vinod Khanna, of the smoldering eyes and a resolute chin, passes away

Vinod Khanna, of the smoldering eyes and a resolute chin, passes away
April 28, 2017

Vinod Khanna, you the ultimate symbol of manhood for the millions of Bollywood fans, how could you just cheat us with your death? You know what Mr. Khanna, I am not writing this piece, I am mourning. When Vinod Khanna shot dead his wife My earliest memory of you goes back to the spine-chilling thriller, Achanak. You had shot dead your wife and her lover and were on the run….


7 lessons that AAP needs to learn from MCD elections results 2017

April 26, 2017

The  MCD elections results 2017 are not just a tight slap on the face of the Aam Admi Party, they also signal the unraveling of this ‘party with a difference’. If Arvind Kejriwal is serious about his future, then he must learn the following lessons: The voter distrusts you Mr. Kejriwal, you won 67 seats out of 70 in the Delhi Assembly elections just a couple of years back. Various…


How the triple talaq issue promises to change national politics forever

April 21, 2017

The triple talaq issue has been dominating our national discourse for more than a year now. These days, we are seeing several Muslim women come on TV and express their opposition and resentment over this cruel practice. Let us understand this issue in brief before we go forward in this article. What is the Triple Talaq Issue? In simple terms, uttering the word, ‘talaq’ thrice by a husband means instant…


Shah Rukh Khan please stand up and be counted, else you are a Scrooge

January 27, 2017

Shah Rukh Khan, it is time you answered some uncomfortable questions. Indirectly, you have caused the death of a man and there is sense of unease all around. Shah Rukh Khan, stop being a scrooge That’s right. SRK , you are no longer a movie star alone. You sell condoms, cars, soft drinks, mobile phones and what not. In short, you are telling your fans to go and buy those…


The Obama presidency has its failures but the liberals won’t notice them

Obama presidency
January 18, 2017

The Obama presidency will be remembered by these famous words,“Yes, we can”. But, has Obama delivered on his intent? While, his Republican foes will definitely disagree, a major portion of the electorate  also looked the other way in the US polls. But first, let us look at the positive aspects of the Obama presidency. Turned around the US Auto industry In 2009, Obama  infused more than $60 billion into the…


Jallikattu ban- The bulls are having the last laugh but not the Tamils

Jallikattu ban
January 12, 2017

The Jallikattu ban is proving to be a jali kati issue for the average Tamil. While the directly affected party, the bulls, are having a hearty laugh, the issue is a red rag for many Tamils. But, let us understand the basics first. What is Jallikattu ? This word refers to the ancient- but still continuing- practice of taming the bulls by embracing them. This practice of jallikattu was in vogue for…


Dear Meryl Streep, it is time you stick to facts and not opinions alone

Dear Meryl Streep
January 11, 2017

Dear Meryl Streep, it is time you came out of the closet and declared thatYES I AM VERY MUCH A PART OF TRUMP HATING CROWD. Don’t play to the gallery,  Dear Meryl Streep It isn’t that we are particularly enamored of your new President, Donald Trump. But, after analyzing your Golden Globe speech , we can just say this- don’t play to the gallery. Show some respect to your fans,…


A.R. Rahman Jai Ho- Don’t you get tired belting out great music?

A.R. Rahman Jai Ho- Don't you get tired belting out great music?
January 6, 2017

Dear A.R. Rahman, here is wishing you a very happy birthday from all of us at Social Chumbak. The cool dude of Indian film music, A.R. Rahman We thought that with the passing away of the legendary RD Burman, Hindi film music would lose its melody and soul. But, we were proven wrong. Rahman, just in his mid-20s burst into the scene with his haunting Roza numbers. Things have never…


Bangalore molestation- Punish the mindset not the short dresses!

Bangalore molestation- Punish the mindset not the short dresses!
January 5, 2017

This Bangalore molestation case shows that we are still a part of woman hostile society. Some were groped, touched inappropriately and bodily insulted. Wondering what exactly is being talked about? How can someone behave in this manner? Now, if we say that few females were groped, touched inaptly and bodily insulted, what would you call it? It can’t be rape, but is it not the sheer case of defying someone’s basic…


Dear Aamir Khan, it is time you stopped being a charlatan!

Dear Aamir Khan, it is time you stop being a charlatan!
December 27, 2016

Dear Mr Aamir Khan, I call you a charlatan. Do you know what this word means? It means a hypocrite. You do not have the guts to call a spade a spade. I know it will cause a sense of deep pain and anguish to your fans , but that won’t deter me from speaking out. The Sarfarosh years Mr Khan, I remember with awe the after effects of Sarfarosh….


Kaabil Trailer 2 – Great Storyline But Short on Performance

Kaabil trailer- Challenging roles, great storyline but short on performance
December 20, 2016

The Kaabil trailer 2 is out. The Roshans are back with their latest ‘K’ offering, but what is new in this Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam starrer? A dash of Koshish and Ghar Remember the sensitive story of a wronged woman in Gulzar’s Ghar? Or, let us go even earlier in the early 70’s when Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya Bhaduri starred in Koshish? The Kaabil trailer 2 suggests that the two classics have…


Defying Saudi laws – Muslim woman arrested for not wearing veil

December 20, 2016

A young Muslim woman was recently arrested for  defying Saudi laws. The woman, Malak al-Shahri, had tweeted a photo of herself without wearing a veil. For muslim woman,this is a  crime in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Several young men and women have been caught  defying Saudi laws these days. In this case, the woman was arrested and later taken to a police station by the Saudi police. Probably, she…